A Veteran Faces The Demons Of His Past

The War in Vietnam, 1966, “the dangerous Iron Triangle…”

you are transported there in this one-of-a-kind prize-winning memoir:

YouTube Book VideoTrailer: Through Smoke-Teared Eyes: The Vietnam War I Fought
by Johnny F. Pugh

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This YouTube video, produced by URLink Print and Media Company’s Marketing Department, gives a glimpse of the action-filled pages that make this prize-winning Vietnam War memoir hard to put down. The video shows scenes of the war fought in the dense jungles or in the villages and rice paddies of South Vietnam by young American soldiers. When you read the book, you’ll learn about the terrible losses the GIs suffered trying to battle the ghost-like Viet Cong and the professional NVA soldiers who fought the war from their sophisticated underground tunnel networks. One of the ways this book is special is the openness and honesty with which the author shares his innermost feelings: the terror, anger, disgust and sadness he feels when he learns he is just one of the many tens of thousands of young combat infantrymen sent to Vietnam to be used as bait to flush out the VC fighters from their underground tunnel. While both sides fighting this war on the steamy hot ground suffered great bodily harm or death, the colonels and other officers controlled the action from above, safely inside a air-conditioned Command and Control helicopter.

Who was the author of this remarkable book?

Cristina es la novia de Johnny Pugh.

This photo was taken the first summer I spent with Johnny Pugh, back in the summer of 1977, up en las Sangre de Cristos (Blood of Christ) Montañas, Santa Fe, Nuevo México.

Years before I met the author, he underwent two operations on his lower back, spinal fusions meant to heal the damage caused by a “Bouncing Betty” landmine explosion that tossed him and the unfortunate machine-gunner who stepped on it, into the air like they were mere rag dolls. Below is an article that appeared in the February 21, 1971 Albuquerque Journal newspaper that features the author and my future husband, Johnny F. Pugh. This article focuses on drug use among returning Vietnam veterans and discusses the author’s own use of opium while stationed in South Vietnam, in an effort to ease the pain from his injured back.

Article that appeared in the February 21, 1971 Albuquerque Journal newspaper about the author, Johnny F. Pugh, pictured here recovering from a recent back operation with his infant son Cristoph.

After recovering from his back operations, the author and I married and had a beautiful daughter together, Nicolette, who was born in 1981. Even though Johnny Pugh was a loving husband and a wonderful father, the demons from the war in his past threatened his sanity. So, after PTSD therapy at a VA hospital, Johnny began to write the journals and poetry that would be the backbone of the Vietnam War memoir that was first published in August 2017; the 2nd edition was published in March 2020.

Some family photos of Johnny, Cristina and Nicolette Pugh

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