A War Widow Speaks Out

Two years ago I self-published a book about the Vietnam War. It is the story of what my beloved late husband, Johnny F. Pugh, experienced as an army infantry soldier after he was drafted and sent to Cu Chi, South Vietnam in the summer of 1966. This book started out as a series of journals he wrote to help him understand and cope with the severe PTSD affecting his mental state after he returned to the United States a little over a year later. With his permission, I read his journals and I was blown away by how powerful his writing was, especially the colorful descriptions of the soldiers he fought alongside and the often horrifying details of the firefights and battles he survived in the steamy exotic jungles and rice paddies of southeast Asia. Tragically, in 2007 he suffered a massive stroke that left him partially paralyzed and unable to write anymore. In January, 2011, he suddenly died from lung cancer that was partially attributed to his exposure to Agent Orange. But before he passed away, I promised him I would finish his book and publish it so his suffering and that of his soldier buddies would not be forgotten by the world. This website to let anyone interested in him and his book to learn more about who he was as an author, poet and artist. I also hope to encourage more people to read his book by providing information about how and where to purchase a copy of his book. In addition, I will provide links to other websites where his editorial and customer reviews of his book can be read. Lastly, I hope to reach out to other combat veterans and their family members and encourage them to write about their own war and postwar experiences and/or memoirs, poetry and stories.

A quienes hablan Español: Mi esposo era un Chicano y él estaba muy orgulloso hablar en Español. Su libro tienen muchas palabras en Español y en Inglés. Si ustedes quieren escribirme en Español, o si tienen preguntas en Español, yo doy la bienvenida qualquier cosa ustedes quieren contribuir. Muchas gracias,

Cristina Pugh

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